Our Mission

Care For Others A Faith Based organization that from 2006-2013 worked to prevent hardworking individuals and families from possibly entering the cycle of poverty and welfare, with a small amount of financial assistance during a particularly difficult time. These grants were designed to restore financial self sufficiency for those who are willing to work, but were temporarily unable to manage their day to day expenses due to circumstances out of their control. Despite this unexpected financial set back, these individuals, with our assistance, continued to live independently and within their means.

Starting in 2014 Care for others is excited to shift its focus to partnering with other local and statewide community agencies such as, but not limited to, - Targeted assistance program for survivors (TAPS), Youth for Christ (YFC), Habitat for Humanity (H4H) to name a few. Through their personal relationships with Care For Others, these agencies will submit candidates for our board to review. We will choose at our discretion one or two families or individuals annually to help in an effort to really change their lives. Our organization will work closely with these families throughout the year and help in every way necessary to improve their current situation. We hope to help educate, consult, share(remove share would rather see “guide”), work alongside and financially contribute in a focused effort to have a positive impact and permanently change lives.

In making this change our goal is focused on:

  • Working closely with each family or individual to clearly define their personal goals and needs. We will then devise a plan to provide insight, assistance with financial planning, budgeting and other financial strategies if necessary.
  • Systematically tracking these goals (when possible) to make sure we are making progress with our efforts to help.
  • Holding the family accountable to defined goals. CFO will provide guidance and intervention when necessary to make sure the family or individual stays on track.
  • Provide financial assistance to help the family or individual attain defined goals. This includes, but not limited to, providing housing, tuition, job training and any other needs that will help the family.

Expectations of the Board of Directors and CFO:

1. Participate in reviewing each potential candidate and help select each family with an opinion/vote after fully reviewing each candidate’s personal story.

2. Participate in strategic planning for each family that CFO chooses to help. The Board will determine where help is needed most and how to implement assistance.

3. Consider personal resources that may be able to assist each family (relationships in banking, education, etc. that may be able to help).

Expectations of our CFO Families:

1. Work with the Board to clearly define personal goals and how they may be attained.

2. Let the Board know their greatest and most urgent needs. Based on these needs, develop a plan of how these specific needs can be met.

3. Communicate with CFO contact to let us know how the plan we jointly created is progressing.

4.Work hard as an individual or family to achieve the goals they have set.

CFO Vision:

Our vision is to work jointly with families or individuals to define goals and achieve them. While each family or individual will have different goals, we want to make sure that CFO and the family or individual have a specific plan to reach these goals. Working together with these families and/or individuals CFO will strive to help them reach new heights through planning, assistance and hard work.


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