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Helping Hands Grants

The smiles, hope and renewed confidence that result from receiving a Helping Hands Grant is the reason that Care for Others exists. The generosity of our donors, the skilled work provided by our volunteers, and the return to security for our families in need provide the inspiration for a bright future.

The gifts from our donors bridge the gap between independence and need. In turn, the return to independence of our recipients sustains our faith in the power of a simple hand reaching into the darkness of despair and lifting another into the light of hope. This is how we Care for Others.


Testimonials - What People Say About Care For Others

March 2022

I want to give my gratitude to Care for Others organization for helping me with paying my mortgage and utility bills. If it wasn't for them, I don't know where my children and I would be right now. At the beginning of covid in 2020 I found myself being a part of the people who had been furloughed. Being a single parent of 4 and had just bought my first home I now had to figure out how I would feed 4 children and be able to sustain our living.

So I found myself struggling to a point where I had to find side jobs but was failing to do so. I had heard of Care for others previously and when I reached out to them they immediately helped me without any hesitation. They immediately put my mind to rest by paying all the mortgage owed and utility bills. All those sleepless nights trying to figure out how I was going to was put to rest. All my bills are now caught up and I can now go to bed without any stress.

They were truly a blessing in disguise. I will always and forever be grateful.

December 2020

2020 had completely beat my family into the ground we were separated and hopeless. We lost our home so my wife and one year old son were living with family and I was living in a hotel, we lost one of our vehicles my wife lost her job due to covid-19 we were shattered. I work for a satellite company I won't name but I went on a random service call just like any other... but it wasn't. I met a saint of a man named Mark and I swear to you within 24 hours we had an apartment home a giant electric deposit paid and our family reunited in a beautiful place, and they our currently in the process of helping us secure another vehicle so my wife doesn't have to get up at 4:30 to get ready and get our son to daycare and make it to work on time. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting the other board members or Marks partner but these people are saints. It might sound a little dramatic but these wonderful people saved our lives literally. Our lives were completely hopeless until care for others came into our lives like a miracle. We'll never be able to thank them enough for saving our family but if your looking for a foundation to donate to this is the only one they do what they say without making you feel like your worthless. I cannot express enough how wonderful and selfless these people are. Thank you a million times over for saving us.
M. C., Naples, Fl

Text to Speech Device Brings One Man's Voice Back

Grant for Text to Speech Device Care For Others most recent grant recipient, Joseph Yakimow, from Lakewood, Ohio, received a "Helping Hands Grant" to purchase an iPhone and application called Proloque2go. After fighting several battles with cancer, along with multiple surgeries, Joseph was left unable to verbally communicate. Through the Proloque2go application he is now able to send text messages, as well as pre-program phrases and sentences that the iPhone relays through a digital voice. Joseph is pictured to the left learning to use the application and iPhone along with his wife, Millissa and Care For Others' Secretary Laura DiLella.

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