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Privacy Policy at Care For Others

The Care For Others website doesn't store visitor's personal information. All online form submittals are downloaded immediately by the Care For Others staff. No Care For Others database is available on the Internet. Credit card processing is handled by a third-party (Authorize.Net).

Offline, reasonable information storage security practices are in place to safeguard data such as the use of authentication, and strong passwords for systems holding Donor and Grant Application data. We do not store credit card data on any of our internal systems.

Sole Purpose of Information Collection

Any information collected on the website is used for the sole purpose of processing and acknowledging Donor's contributions and processing Helping Hands Grant Applications.

As mentioned above, the information is NOT stored within an Internet accessible database by Care For Others.

Website Usage Tracking

From time-to-time Care For Others may perform an analysis of the visitor traffic to the website. This analysis involves parsing the "Log Files" generated by the web server or the use of a third party Website Analytics service such as "Google Analytics".

These methods allow Care For Others to see what sections of the website are popular and to determine how visitors are using the website.

The information is analyzed with the sole-purpose of improving the website.

No Methods Used to Identify Website Visitors
Care For Others doesn't use any methods to try and determine the identity of any particular visitor to the website.

Credit Card Transactions

Care For Others processes credit transactions using the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway service []. Currently Donor's can choose to donate using a credit card online. While the initial form for choosing the donation amount is located on this website, no personal or financial information is collected or stored on this website.

All information necessary to process a Donor's credit card is collected and stored within the Authorize.NET website. Donor's will notice the URL for Authorize.Net prior to any credit card information being requested. The information submitted to Authorize.Net is encrypted using the Secure Sockets Protocol (SSL).

When a credit card transaction occurs via the Authorize.Net service, Care For Others is notified via a simple email containing the transaction ID. Specific details of the transaction are available to the Care For Others staff using a secure (SSL) "Virtual Terminal" that permits the credit card transaction details to be reviewed. The Virtual terminal does not display the credit card number and Care For Others has no method to determine the credit card number from a website transaction.

Encryption of Sensitive Information (Credit Card Information)

All communication involving use of the Authorize.Net service (donor credit card information and Care For Others access to the Virtual Terminal) is done using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption and authentication technology built into Web Browser's and Web Server's. SSL encrypts data so it cannot be viewed in transit and the SSL protocol provides mechanisms to authenticate the server, that is to ensure the server is authoritative for the domain being requested.

Authorize.NET Payment Gateway Service Information

More than 212,000 merchants trust Authorize.Net to manage their payment transactions securely and reliably.

Since 1996, Authorize.Net has been a leading provider of payment gateway services, managing the submission of payment transactions to the processing networks on behalf of merchant customers. On November 1, 2007, Cyber Source Corporation acquired Authorize.Net. Collectively, the companies processed approximately 1.1 billion transactions in 2006, representing $65 billion of e-commerce.

Additional information about Authorize.Net can be found at their website,

Information Disclosure

Occasionally a comment from a website visitor, donor or grant recipient may be posted to the website. For example, a grant recipient may send a thank you letter. Care For Others reserves the right to post these comments on the website. If a comment has been chosen for inclusion on the website, only initials will be used to protect the identity of the submitter.

Policy Revisions

Care For Others reserves the right to change this "Privacy Policy/Terms and Conditions" at any time.

Reproduction of Content

The information contained within the Care For Others website is Copyrighted. You may not copy or distribute any portions of this website without permission from Care For Others. Permission for use of content on this website can be obtained by writing:

Care for Others
P.O. Box 605
Newbury, Ohio 44065

Terms of Use

Care For Others cannot be held liable for any damage incurred while using this website.

Care For Others reserves the right to share any comments submitted from the website, telephone or in writing by posting information on this website. It is understood that if Care For Others decides to use any unsolicited information on the website, the identifiable information such as names will be truncated to initials.


If you have any questions regarding the Terms of Use or Privacy statement, please contact us at


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